Step By Step, Inc.

About Us…

We are individuals, 18 years of age and older, who share in the quality of life challenges and stigma inherent in mental illness and psychiatric diagnosis. Step-By-Step thrives to empower our members with person-centered relationships, programs, services, and when needed, interventions. These programs and activities increase member’s access to services promoting recovery from illness and also address important quality of life issues.

SBS believes that the way to stay out of the hospital and remain connected with our community is to improve our place in the community by:
  • Taking an active role and being a partner in our recovery.
  • Obtaining safe and affordable housing.
  • Obtaining and maintaining some level of employment.
  • Have adequate income.
  • Have support from important others – family and friends.
  • Having access to effective treatment for optimal physical and mental/emotional health.
  • Seeking opportunities to participate in community roles

Future Vision and Goals

  • Expanding our housing program
  • Enhancing our respite/hospital diversion efforts.
  • Expanding employment opportunities
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Agency Vision, Mission, and Goals.

SBS is a community that provides an interrelated web of services where people can connect with the people and resources they need to improve their ability to live, work, and grow.

At SBS, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning, that the more one participates in the various services offered, the more the reality of true healing and recovery emerges. What emerges is the potential for people to regain control over their lives in a way that is driven by and for the individual.

This is accomplished by providing services that the person identifies is most important for them to achieve their desired level of wellness.
Our goal is to provide services and supports that will lead to the enhancement of one’s quality of life, which in turn will enable the person to live in their preferred setting and level of care that is best aligned with his or her abilities, interests, and strengths.